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We would like to introduce the 4 UV Walleye Grubs from This is just the first line that we picked up from Tightlines, but if all goes well we will be expanding our line with the Whisker series and specifically the Sow Belly Whisker line. The 4 UV Walleye Grubs comes in 12 colors to choose from.

The 4 UV Walleye Grubs pair well with our lures because it fits nicely into the cavity of the lure and you can hook the tail. We will be selling them in singles for only a 1$, a pack of 5 for 3.99$ or you can purchase them to go with your custom printed bottle caps for .50 cents a piece. For retailers wishing to include the UV Grubs with their orders you will need to log into your account to see the retail pricing.

Bret Ware is the founder of Tightlines. Bret became interested in UV Grubs when he was researching fish at the University level to get a better feeling of the fish's senses. The fish he was studying were Bass, Walleye, Crappie, Pike, Perch, etc., and they were being analyzed with respect to vibration, sound, scent, vision, etc.

Brett had noticed that the big fish, which usually has a direct correlation to genetics and age, and have better senses. They seem to see better…they tend to hear better….they have a better sense of taste. Fish were analyzed in a lab and then experimental testing of tackle was conducted out on the lake.

Brett started developing UV colors that would reflect both the natural and UV sunlight that dominates the water….and the rest is history. Fishermen started experiencing extraordinary results with Brett’s tackle and Tightlines UV was born in May of 2009.

Tightlines Making Headlines

Fish see UV colors over 7 times better in the water vs natural colors. Tournament anglers have enjoyed the rewards over the past 8 years from multiple top 5 Bassmaster Classic and FLW Cup finishes to both FLW and Bassmaster Angler of the Year awards. From placing first at Bassmaster Elite Tournaments to winning FLW events.

We hope you enjoy our new products either by themselves or coupled with our bottle cap lures.

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