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Deadliest Trout Lures

"Catching fish is easy; finding them is the hard part." The wisdom of this phrase holds true irrelevant of the season, waters fished, angler and the equipment used. Trout is the name given to a number of species of freshwater fish belonging to the salmon family, that are commonly found in cool, clears waters throughout North America, Europe and Northern Asia. Angling became favorite pursuit of the British by the mid-nineteenth century and for this reason several exotic species of trout were transplanted in Australia, New Zealand and Indian rivers. The ideal ecological condition of these rivers the introduced species of trout bred and propagated rapidly, contributing to the displacement of native freshwater fish to some extent.

Trout lures that attract the larger fish-eating trout are spoons, plugs, spinners and other such artificial decoys that resemble minnows. Their cast-and-crank effectiveness enables you to cover a lot of water. These lures are ideal for introducing any newcomer to trout fishing. If trout are feeding, they hit these seductive trout lures almost immediately. Thick, heavy spoons work best for casting, since you can toss them the furthest. Thin spoons are ideal for trolling, because they have a wider, more enticing wobble. Medium to deep diving minnow plugs and crank baits are great for fishing deep in lakes. Some of these lures can dive to a depth of twenty feet or more. Jigs also work well as trout lures for fishing deep water. However, sunken imitations of fly life remain the deadliest trout lures of all.

Freshwater or lake fishermen often append cowbells, dodgers or other enticers in front of their lures for extra shimmer, which helps get the attention of trout scattered in open water. There is no need of maintaining a delicate touch when fishing with artificial lures. Trout attack these lures vigorously, usually hooking themselves. Amateur trout fishermen must learn about currents and how the fish relate to them, while getting used to wading on slick rocks or casting from steep banks. Therefore, it's helpful to use trout lures that require no extra effort to control depths or special retrieves to make them effective.

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