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Selecting the Perfect Crappie Lures

Crappie lure kits are sold in nearly every bait shop. Crappies are a type of fish that require different approaches for catching when compared to more traditional fishing techniques.

Through the centuries, anglers have used worms, bread dough, rubber worms, and other types of luring approaches to catch bass, salmon, and catfish.

Crappie fishing differs in that it requires an alternate approach; thus, expert anglers have designed the ultimate lure for catching crappie.

Crappie fish are either black or white. The scientific name for Crappie fish is Pomoxis Nigramaculatus, but the name has a number of variants, including calico bass, white perch, speckled perch, paper-mouth, specks, strawberry bass, and bachelor perch.

The crappie is often lured in by anglers and is found at lakes and rivers in Canada and many areas in the United States. Since the crappie requires weightless tackle, casting of the reel, and fly-fishing strategies, a special crappie lure is needed if you want to be successful on your next fishing trip.

In addition to being hard to catch, crappie fish are also bigger than many other types of game fish--with the World Record being around four pounds and one ounce, caught on Kerr Lake.

The white crappie fish is scientifically known as the Pomoxis Annularis with variants including the paper-mouth, bachelor perch, speckled perch, and silver bass. The largest crappie of this variant species was lured in and weighed at around five pounds and three ounces, and was caught in Mississippi. This fish also swims in lakes and rivers, and requires special crappie lures, since catching the fish often includes throwing the reel and using fly tackle.

Before you purchase a crappie lure for your next fishing trip, you should determine what type of crappie you are fishing. Once you have done that, use the Internet to find top crappie lures for your variant.

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