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Bass Fishing Lure Challenge

We recently launched our new Psychedelic Lure with UV Grub. We believe in our new Psychedelic Lure with UV Grub so much that we want to put it to the challenge. We want to go up against some of the best lures out there. Did you know Master Angler Andy Vander Ploeg attributed his two championships to our bottle cap lures?

We are ready to prove that our lures work as well if not better than some of the top rated lures on the market today.

About Our Lures

Our Psychedelic fishing lure is equipped with the best quality snap swivels, USA leaders, and treble hooks authorized by Eagle Claw. The cap is enclosed with three ball bearings to add a rattling noise and weight, thereby creating vibrations which trigger a fish to strike. With a specially designed machine that punches ridges into the cap for strength and bends the cap symmetrically, the folded design allows for bait to be inserted in the cavity of the lure. The reflective nature and natural luster of the cap attracts schools of fish and the movement of the lure through the water resembles a minnow or fingerling.

About Bass Fishing Lures

Bass fishing lures catch healthy bass for trophy fishing or for consumption. If you intend to catch bass for one of these reasons, you should seriously consider the equipment you will use on your outing.

Luckily for you, bass fishing products are some of the most in-demand pieces of sporting equipment wherever you go since many people enjoy bass fishing for sport or for food. This means that you will have considerable options when selecting your bass fishing equipment.

Some anglers catch bass as trophies for winning records; thus, having the appropriate bass fishing lures for the catch is essential if you plan to do the same.

Some of the Best Lures

The “Lucky Craft LV-500 MAX Lipless Sinking Rattling Crank Bait” is one of the best bass fishing lures on the market. This bass lure is around three inches long and weighs around twenty-three grams. The LV-500 MAX bass fishing lure has been used by expert anglers around the world, and provides deeper bass fishing catches. Additionally, it creates a rattling sound, which triggers the fish, coercing it to attack.

The “Lucky Craft Sammy” is another of the better bass fishing lures. The head of this lure floats on top of the water, and any insignificant movement will lure in the bass. This lure also makes a rattling noise, which reflects from glass, and helps to lure in and catch the bass.

Using “Mega-bait Goggle Eye Bubble Grub Soft Plastic Worms” will further enhance bass fishing since the eyes are similar to fish, worm, or snake eyes and will lure the bass into biting.

The “Mega-bait Goggle Eye Twin Tail Soft Plastic Worm” is similar to the Mega-bait Goggle Eye Bubble Grub Soft Plastic Worms in that it also has overstated eyes that appeal to bass fish.

It depends on your fishing habits and the demands of your technique, but many bait shops today have made it easier for you to fish for bass by providing you with a larger selection of bass fishing lures.

Not only will purchasing the right lure markedly improve your technique, it will also help you further specialize your fishing strategy.

So are you to take the challenge to see which lures work best? Feel free to leave your comments below or in a few days you can go to the forum and leave a comment or start a discussion at

The Bottle Cap Lure Company

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