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Muskie Lures - An Angler’s Must-Have

Have you ever wondered how some anglers consistently catch trophy fish in areas where you can’t catch anything? If so, you may want to re-examine the bait you are using to catch the fish.

No matter how great your technique is and no matter how long you’ve been fishing, if you do not use the right bait, you will not catch anything.

If you have noticed problems recently, you may want to consider investing some money in a number of different Muskie lures, which could greatly improve your catch.

Muskie lures are designed to fish like live fish bait, since they are similar to smaller fish–in fact, they are so similar that some fish cannot tell the difference.

Before we start talking about other fishing lures we want you to know that Master Angler Andy Vander Pleog Alberta/Canadian live release record holder and three time Canadian Ford Angler of the Year/one time Yamaha Angler of the Year, Andy was extremely passionate about sport fishing and loves sharing his skills with others. He also attributes a large part of his success to the bottle cap fishing lure. If this is your first time vising the site let me tell you a little bit about our bottle cap lures before we look at what most people would say is the best Muskie Fishing lure.

About Our Lures

Our fishing lures are equipped with the best quality snap swivels, USA leaders, and treble hooks authorized by Eagle Claw. The cap is enclosed with three ball bearings to add a rattling noise and weight, thereby creating vibrations which trigger a fish to strike. With a specially designed machine that punches ridges into the cap for strength and bends the cap symmetrically, the folded design allows for bait to be inserted in the cavity of the lure. The reflective nature and natural luster of the cap attracts schools of fish and the movement of the lure through the water resembles a minnow or fingerling. We have also added our new signature UV Grub which comes attach and is highly attractive to not just the Muskie but to a whole slew of fresh water salt water fish.

And now let us take a look at a Muskie fishing lure that a lot enthusiasts is perhaps the best on the market.

The "Jake"

“Jake” is one of the better Muskie fishing lures available. This fourteen-inch bait lure has a reputation for attracting trophy fish. Jake has a variety of lip patterns, and also wobbles beneath the deep blue waters, where Muskie fish lurk. The Jake Muskie lure for fishing also has a rattler, which appeals to Muskie fish and other types of fish as well.

Not only is the Jake the ultimate lure for Muskie fish, but it is also reportedly effective for catching trout, pike, and striper.

Jake comes in a couple different sizes and options, including “Squirrely Jake” which has a wiggle tail and casts more than seven feet beneath the water for a Muskie catch. The lure has a constructed plastic shield, which includes a rattler for deep-sea fishing.

When fishing for Muskie, it makes sense to purchase the right tools for the catch. Today, the marketplace is rife with kits for fishing, including Muskie lures, bass lures, catfish lures, crappie lures, and all sorts of nuanced lines and rods. All of these implements are designed to improve your fishing experience, but in the end, it is up to you–the angler–to determine what combination will suit your needs and technique best.

We would like to know your thoughts on what is the best Muskie fishing lure out there. Feel free to leave a comment below and you can also join the The Happy Hookers Club

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