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Outsmart Crafty Catfish with Catfish Lures

Putting money into catfish lures is always an excellent investment–especially if you have been unsuccessful with a number of other types of bait in the past. There are various types of catfish depending on where you fish. And catfish lures can help you catch the fish of your choice, rather than any fish that hooks your line–or even worse, no fish at all.

We have been told by many of our customers that our bottle cap fishing lures work really well in catching catfish over and over. We are looking forward to see how well our new psychedelic Fishing Lures with UV Grub.

Now of course there are other great catfish lures out there as well. Most catfish luring kits come with hooks and bait for catfish fishing, including lures for jug and trotline fishing. Catfish usually hook well with the “Mustad Bait-Holder Hook,” which comes in various sizes.

Catfish are not only tricky to catch, but they are even harder to hook–and sometimes even hard to find, as they have cyclic relocation prototypes. Once you study the catfish behaviors, you will see that a good catfish lures are an absolute necessity if you want to increase your chances of repeated, successful catches.

Bobbers were used at one time to catch catfish; however, the bobbers did not employ the sophisticated design techniques that catfish lures have today. These particular fish are attracted to moving objects.

Catfish are also attracted to smell, rather than sound, which means the catfish lures for today provide anglers with the exact or near to exact appeal to catfish.

Types of catfish include the Blue Catfish, Channel Catfish, and Flathead Catfish. Each requires a different approach to catch, many including spider-wire lures. The concept of fishing is humankind battling animal for sport or for food; thus, the spider-wire lure makes it easier for both fish and humans to facilitate the sport, since the fish will have room for battle.

Catfish is one of the tastier fishes in the waters, even though they are somewhat bony. Thus, having the right catfish lures for fishing is important especially if you want to dine tonight. If you are not up to par on catfish fishing and lures, you may want to surf the net to learn more; however, if you are an advanced angler, but are still having bad luck catching that catfish, you may want to look for some new catfish lures online or at your nearest bait and tackle shop.

We want to know which lures work well for you when fishing for catfish. Leave a comment below. Or feel free to join our forum at

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